Projects Served

Bandera Corridor Conservation Bank has provided Golden-cheeked Warbler credits to the following projects:

Camp Bullis – 300 GCW credits were purchased in BCCB’s inaugural transaction

Camp Stanley – 23 GCW credits

Lower Colorado River Authority Transmission Services Company (LCRA TSC) CREZ Line – 1,128 GCW credits

DCP Midstream Sandhills Pipeline – 30 GCW credits

CEMEX Balcones Quarry – 147.50 GCW credits

Capitol Aggregates Solms Quarry – 105.25 GCW credits

CEMEX Balcones Quarry-Kruger Canyon – 194.50 GCW credits

Central Texas Regional Water Supply Corporation-Vista Ridge Waterline – 149 GCW credits

EPIC Y-Grade Pipeline – 218.75 GCW credits

Southern Edwards Plateau Habitat Conservation Plan (SEP-HCP) – multiple projects – 450+ GCW credits